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Tracy Anderson – Hipcentric 1.2


Tracy Anderson – Hipcentric 1.2

Metamorphosis: Months 1 – 3

Metamorphosis is the beginning of your transformation. Once you have identified your body type, you will begin the 90-day program.

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Yoga Mat, 3# Hand Weight

Metamorphosis: Months 4 – 6

This is designed to build on the fundamentals you have learned and excelled at in Metamorphosis. Included in Continuity 1.1 is a new dance cardio DVD as well as a bonus section of arm exercises to get added definition. TRACY TIP: The use of ankle weights during the leg lift sections of your workouts will really make the most of your muscular structure workout. Particularly for the glutecentric clients, ankle weights will help lift and tone your bottom, giving your butt a boost. It’s important to remember that if you are not strong enough to complete the total number leg lifts repetitions with perfect form yet, you should not be adding ankle weights. Form is SO key when using ankle weights, so be sure that you are hitting the correct angles as you use them.

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Yoga Mat, 3# Hand Weights, Ankle & Wrist Weights (optional)

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