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Tom Torero – Dirty Tricks 2019


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Tom Torero – Dirty Tricks 2019

Salepage: Tom Torero – Dirty Tricks 2019

Tom Torero – Dirty Tricks 2019

Open up my magical box of daygame tricks in this 4 hour digital video seminar. With over 100 new techniques for the street, text and dates this is the perfect add on to my Street Hustle toolkit.

This new seminar is 100% practical, actionable outer game routines, gambits and hacks: no theory filler or inner game waffle. Youll be able to go out and apply what you see infield immediately to level up your daygame, texting and dating.

Watch me demonstrate live on stage:

  • My favourite stacks and spikes for daygame
  • New lines to use infield taking things from social to sexual
  • Ways to get physical in your daygame
  • New pings, photo pings and audio pings for your texting
  • How to stop so many of your numbers flaking
  • Dozens of new lines and routines to use on dates
  • Physical date techniques to get things seductive
  • Props you can use to stop your dates being boring
  • New techniques for making the bounce home smoother
  • My methods for cracking token LMR and getting it on

As a bonus I also go through:

  • Ways to deal with the most common Shit Tests
  • The classic PUA routines and how to deliver them effectively

As well as the 4 hours of seminar video footage youll also get a free copy of my book How To Flirt With Girls in PDF format to download.

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