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THE WAY – Satria Indonesian Yoga


THE WAY – Satria Indonesian Yoga

The Ancient art of Satria Indonesian Yoga was devised by Sat Guru Ma Prem, the head of the Wali Songo Pencak Silat, as a means to teach a beautiful martial art in the form of Yoga.

Derived from the warriors of Pencak Silat this unique form of ancient Yoga improves correct alignment which leads to a more complete use of the body?s natural power and speed. This is the only Yoga where you will learn an ancient martial art whilst receiving all the benefits of Yoga.

The WAY targets every single muscle in the human anatomy. The WAY can be used as a powerful tool to help in all areas of life, be it gaining greater health, protecting you from injury, improving relationships, or by learning an ancient and complete martial art.

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