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The No Pants Project – Automated LinkedIn Prospecting


The No Pants Project – Automated LinkedIn Prospecting


LinkedIn On Auto 

In this quick little implementation program, I’ll be taking you step-by-step through the set-up, build, and implementation of my automated LinkedIn prospecting process.

This is the same process that I charge clients a $2500 set-up fee + $5k/month in ongoing monthly management fees for (I’ll show you how I do that in the program).

I’ve poured more than 8 months of time and attention into improving, refining, and developing the messaging, the workflow, find the perfect combo of automation softwares, and to build and test the campaigns.

You’ll get all of this (and more) when you decide to purchase LinkedIn on Auto.

Specially in this program, I’ll show you:

  • How to find thousands of top tier client prospects in under 10 minutes per week (this alone is worth the price of the program)
  • How to build out a proven social selling campaign that automated 85%+ of the entire client getting process (I’ll even give you my personal templates I use with my own clients)
  • How to use the Cascading Asks conversation templates to turn simple messages on LinkedIn into high paying clients (awesome tool if you struggle with moving people from “hey stranger” to “can I have some money for my services please?”)
  • How to create a week’s worth of client attraction content for LinkedIn in less than 4 minutes per day (I’ll prove it by doing it live)
  • The exact 2 pieces of software that I use to build my automations that prospect, nurture, and prepare more than 150 – 200 new prospects per day(for those struggling to hit my recommended 100 cold emails per day… you’re gonna LOVE this as it’ll double your prospecting without having to send a single email or look up a single business online)
  • Why you should NEVER “hard sell” in the LinkedIn environment
  • How to leverage your LinkedIn profile to attract ONLY high paying clients
  • Exactly what to say that will turn prospects generated through this system into paying clients (I call it the Cascading Asks process and it relies on powerful elements of human psychology to build trust quickly and get prospect buy-in for becoming your next client)
  • How to run multiple campaigns so that you can test, track, and optimize your social selling campaigns for maximum results
  • Why I recommend that you NEVER run your campaigns on Sat or Sun (this will also help to make sure you’re contacting people at the right moment when they’re most interested in doing business with you)
  • How to quickly generate a minimum of 1000 new leads to run through automated selling system each week (again, this alone is worth the price of the program)
  • How to filter out the bad clients in advance using the Lead Gathering system I’ll be teaching you (I even have checklists for you to fill out to ensure you’re getting it right)
  • And a whole bunch more…

What You Get When You Order 

Video Instruction 

We’re keeping it simple this time folks, no need for theory here just step-by-step “put this here, put that there”  type instruction.

I’ll walk you through each software, show you how to build campaigns, and walk you through how to turn that automation into high paying client work.

I’ve purposefully tried to keep things tight, to-the-point, and template heavy.

This is NOT a master’s degree in LinkedIn, it’s just a program that’ll get you building and running automated social selling campaigns by the end of today.

Copy & Paste Templates 

I’ve tried to template out EVERY. SINGLE. STEP. of the process to make this as easy as humanly possible.

For example, here’s just a few of the templates:

  • 3 multi-step campaign templates (Direct, Soft, and Question approach based) used specifically in the automation cycle to make connections, generate interest, and help you get calls booked
  • 2 automated message invites for getting people onto your email list for free (if you have one, if you don’t no worries – not required for this to work)
  • 19 Conversation Starter templates for turning new connections who show interest into high paying clients (apply these to the Cascading Asks process I’ll teach in the program for max results)
  • A daily tracking template to make sure you’re campaigns are on track and producing (I’ll show you what numbers to watch out for and how to improve broken campaigns)
  • And bunch more…

The point is:

I’ve got you covered with every little template you’ll need to make this work for you.

Checklists Upon Checklists 

If you’re like me and you’ve got kids, a spouse, hobbies, community responsibilities, multiple income streams/businesses etc. etc…

… then you know how powerful checklists can be to be able to turn your brain off, not have to re-invent the wheel or overthink things every day, and just get the work done and get it done correctly.

There’s a reason that pilots use checklists: It removes the human error and keeps things safe, efficient, and perfect every single time you fly.

Run your business like professionals fly a plane and you’ll always be headed in the right direction.

That’s why I’ve included a small mountain of checklists with this program which will take you step-by-step through all aspects of the method.

For example:

  • A daily checklist to follow Mon – Fri to make sure the results of the automated system are turning into sales (no joke, one of the daily checklist items is “Take a break and stop checking everything every 5 minutes”)
  • A visual reference “checklist” or taking prospects on LinkedIn from contact to client in 5 questions or less (print this out and put it by your computer while you answer LinkedIn messages)
  • 14 point Lead Gathering checklist which will help you find the highest quality (and most interested) leads on LinkedIn using my automation process (you’ll be able to generate more than 1000 highly qualified leads in less than 10 minutes following this checklist)
  • 13 point Campaign Builder checklist which will help you build a high conversion social selling automation campaign in under 15 minutes (rinse and repeat this checklist to scale quickly and keep your pipeline full)
  • 18 point Perfect LinkedIn Profile checklist to make sure your profile (aka: your #1 selling asset on LinkedIn) is primed and ready to turn the automated lead gen into interested prospects quick (I’ll even show you how to use your profile to build an email list for extra prospecting power)
  • And a bunch more…

Order Now And You’ll Also Receive

Bonus #1. The 6-Figure LinkedIn Service 

Since discovering this process 8 months ago, I’ve since added it to my service offerings as a Freelancer to clients who need their own increase in business.

To start, I charge a $2,500 upfront build fee, and then require a minimum of 6 month retainer agreement ranging between $2,000/month and $5,000/month depending on what the clients’ needs are.

As a bonus in this program, I’ll be sharing with you:

  • How I attract these clients through… you guessed it… LinkedIn! (I’ll even give you my own automated campaign that I use to get these clients)
  • How much to charge, what service you’ll be offering exactly, and how to structure fees (just copy what I do, plenty of fish in the sea who need LinkedIn prospecting in their life)
  • I’ll make sure that, if you want to, you can take what you’ll learn in this course and start getting clients with the information provided

This service offering has been very lucrative for me as a Freelancer and I’m very excited to be showing you how to get and land similar deals.

Just think:

At $2k – $5k/month per client, how many clients do you need before you’re financially happy?

Now, imagine getting those clients through an automated campaign and you’ll see why I’m so excited to be sharing this with you!

Bonus #2. How To Build A Highly Targeted Email List With Free LinkedIn Traffic

I’m about to say something that you’re not supposed to say on a sales letter, which is:

As much I LOVE getting clients with LinkedIn, having an email list and emailing it every day is STILL my favorite way to get clients, generate sales of my passive income products, and grow my business.

It’s why email list building is central to the No Pants Project philosophy.

However, I also know how difficult Facebook ads can be.

So, part of what I’ve been testing for the past 8 months has been using this automated LinkedIn system for building an email list at ZERO ADDITIONAL COST.

Literally, all you have to do is attach two little additional messages to the core campaigns (which I’ll give you verbatim) and you could start adding new people to your list every single day!

Now, let’s make sure we’re both on the same page:

When I run Facebook ads to build an email list, I can add 500+ leads per day to my list.

You won’t be seeing that kind of volume with this process, more like 10 – 15 per day, but if you’ve been struggling to get targeted leads into your daily email, it could be as simple as adding two little messages to the end of the campaigns you’ll already be running.

Worth a shot.

Those templates and the additional training are yours free when you buy LinkedIn on Auto before August 6th.

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