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Tarek Bibi – The Ascension Program For Lightworkers & Empaths



Tarek Bibi – The Ascension Program For Lightworkers & Empaths

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Only word to describe this call: MIRACULOUS!

Not matter what you do, DO NOT Miss this call!

“I want to update you Tarek and Eram after the MIRACULOUS PROCESS I encountered I am feeling SOOOO LIGHTNESS feeling g NEW I feel like a baby I am seeing my child self patting and stroking me and playing around d my home as if she has been released as a captive from THE DUNGEONS OF PAIN AND DARKNESS. I am seeing my kid self comforting me saying to me you’re so brave ull be ok. I have never felt such a powerful release in such a short time before. I also Tarek feel a brotherly love e coming for you God bless you Tarek. Thank you my dearest Eram for loving me so much for supporting me so much for feeling my pain so truly. I finally feel I have a sister I DON’T HAVE THE WORDS…ON HOW I’M EXPERIENCING AND HOW I’M FEELING FOR BOTH YOU ERAM AND TAREK LOVE YOU SO MUCH”

Between the lives that we live, and the lives that we wish to live, are doubts, fears and negativity.

We experience these restraining forces, but seldom do we know why they plague us. We long for freedom and self-actualization, without knowing how to attain them.

But what if you were to find out that there is a simple, straightforward route to releasing all your blocks and breaking free? If you find this is hard to believe, Tarek Bibi is going to change your mind.

Tarek’s miraculous work in the field of divine transformation has brought thousands of people out of difficult stages in their lives.

His empathic and intuitive process has been hailed by numerous lightworkers as “one of the most powerful healing modalities in the world”.

Here’s your chance to shed your blocks and evolve to reach your highest state of being.

Ascension will no longer be a distant idea for you.

It will be your reality.

Experience the miracle in real time.

Don’t miss this incredible call!

THE ASCENSION ALMANAC – Attaining Your Highest State of Being

In this call you’ll learn why:

  • Experience a clearing of all your lower denser emotions, including addictions, fears, victim and blame consciousness, and other manifestations of negativity
  • Visit your past to heal your inner child traumas and early relationships, as well as the effects of spells, curses and black magic from your present, past and ancestral lives
  • Discover a sense of self-empowerment by releasing negativity and embracing bliss
  • Experience freedom and joy through divine alignment
  • Find the way to manifesting your heart’s desires with unbelievable ease, grace and flow

About Tarek Bliss Bibi: Tarek Bliss Bibi has changed the lives of over 100,000 people worldwide. He works with business women and individuals on the spiritual path to help them Thrive Doing What They Love!

Through his revolutionary Infinity Healing modality he is able to help his clients achieve and manifest their heart’s desires with infinite ease and grace even if they have not been able to achieve their results elsewhere.

Tarek Bibi, aka. Mr. Miraculous, a facilitator of inner transformation helps you transcend your emotional and psychological blocks at their core level to live your Life Miraculously!

Many of our blocks stem from childhood experiences and now they are manifesting in our relationships, businesses and health. Bibi has been labeled an empath, indigo, a star seed, an earth angel, and a light worker.

He earns the name Mr. Miraculous because of the breakthroughs he has assisted his clients in achieving.

The MIRACULOUS results experienced by others:

“Experiencing a deep inner ease…”

“Connecting with Tarek, I have felt a degree of euphoria travelling through my body, I have felt lightened and a great sense of relief.

As an empath and someone who feels on a high degree I feel the healing with Tarek is very moving ~ the shift that I am experiencing in my personal transition is amazing to recognize.

The feeling of my physical eyes and my third eye being completely link connected in a triangle formation, vibration throughout my body and a deep inner ease and sensation of relaxation.

A complete calming of the senses and truly empowering to feel so comforted.

Thank you Tarek for sharing your gift”

~ Angel Rachel

“From Being Pushed Over To Feeling Empowered In A Few Days…”

“The Chakra Program is utterly amazing! It’s comforting to know that there is a spiritual tool kit to help me when in need.

The Infinity Healing energy for the Power Chakra was extremely potent. Half way through the recording, I felt this overwhelming feeling built up in my throat, stomach turning and tears forming in my eyes.

I’ve struggled with my co-workers for the past 8 years. I feel like I’ve been run over a hundred times. Several times, I’ve felt like quitting my job, giving in and giving up.

The healing has made me feel empowered to keep fighting to be a confident person. I feel like your audio is speaking right to me. I am the creator of my universe. I know where I am headed.

Thank you for your strong and tender words! Blessings,”

~ MJ

“Quick Results – From Not Feeling Loved To Filled With Gratitude”

“Today I listened to the first two chakras and the results are amazing. All of the Infinity healing processes on the first chakra were as if you were connected to me and all of my issues.

The issues around not feeling loved, nurtured and supported by my parents as a child have continued to be played out for me in my adult life.

After listening to the first chakra track only once the tightness has been replaced by an expansiveness that can only be attributed to a radical healing.

I also experienced the same effects for the sacral chakra. The Infinity Healing process cleared all of the ancestral and non-beneficial cords from the sacral chakra, as well as the energies of all my past relationship.

This clearing was liberating, I felt more like me, even happier more expanded and full of gratitude.

They are really powerful and they clear and expand the chakras, at least that has been my experience. I’ve done chakra work before but never felt the moving of so much energy and the subsequent expansion.

On chakra 8 I felt the changes on the head as I listened to the chakra 8 track as if that chakra was connecting to the crown.

Thank you Tarek for this chakra infinity healing series, you are truly an amazingly gifted healer.

Much love and gratitude,”

~ Myra

“From Feeling Stuck To Experiencing Freedom”

“I felt guided to re listen to your Root Chakra Healing audio, and I have to tell you that there was incredible shift and healing as a result.

Everything you mentioned on the call was particularly relevant to my current situation, and I feel such a lovely sense of freedom! Thank you Tarek.

I love what you do Tarek. It’s the younger generation like you and Immortal Technique who are changing the world.”

~ Kaz, Australia

“It Definitely Got My Attention!!”

“WOW!! I simply downloaded some of the chakra audios and didn’t even listen to them yet. All of a sudden extreme heat swept over my entire body and I started sweating, it definitely got my attention!!

Whatever intention you set with them was super powerful!! Going to listen very shortly. Thank you for sharing this opportunity. The energy was powerful!

Also felt lots of energy moving during the sacral/relationship audio and I literally yawned the entire time during the solar plexus one. Awesome information packed into the hour! You addressed many important items, very helpful. Blessings,”

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