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Sbcty Years of ChaRenge Webinar – Complete Game Revision System


Sbcty Years of ChaRenge Webinar – Complete Game Revision System

Are you tired of using gay routines, memorizing lame stories, being a dancing monkey and acting like a total jerk?
Are you sick of spending your lonely days and nights posting on seduction forums and buying product after worthless product and still getting no success with women?
Are you ready to finally get this handled, wave goodbye to the seduction community, shut off the computer and get back to a time in your life when you were truly happy?
You know, that time in your life before you first heard about all this PUA nonsense. (Which has probably done you more harm than good at this point)

The Seduction Community Will
Never Be The Same

What are THEY so afraid of?
A lot of things.
First of all…
my “Complete Game Revision” program makes seducing women and having successful relationships with beautiful women so ridiculously EASY…
there is really no need for you rely on them anymore

This IS the Last Book
You Ever Need to Read

Still having problems opening hot women consistently?

Then this book is an absolute must read. Inside I give away my best mindsets and tactics for blasting through your approach anxiety forever.
You will learn:
* The person you need to open first. Get this wrong and your night is over before it starts.
* The one crucial warm-up exercise you need to do that will have you opening any hot women you see with no fear. Even the pros get this one wrong.
* The under the radar way to open any women, no matter how beautiful, that leaves you no chance of being rejected…ever.
* The secret way to get the top girls to open you. Yeah this one is evil. Please keep this to yourself.
* Do you still open women with opinion or situational openers? Have you always wanted to open women direct but were too scared? I reveal a way you can be the direct sex worthy guy she dreams about with zero risk. This tip alone is worth the price of this book. Thank me later!

* Book 2: Fearless Escalation & Seduction

How many awesome girls have you missed out on so far?

Can you get lots of women to like you, but you still can’t pull the trigger and make a move? Dude, lets get this handled right now.
Look I feel your pain because I have been there. Then one night I stumbled upon an escalation tactic so amazing that I kept it all to myself for two years…
But I reveal it and more in this book!
*Every wannabe guru is only talking about attraction…yawn. I’m the only guy talking about escalation. I already know you are an attractive guy, now I just need to get you to pull the trigger. Start by getting this guide!
* I explain the real goal of escalation. If you don’t have a goal you are just feeling around in the dark hoping something will work. You can’t afford not to know this tip.
* Why the kiss close is killing your chances and what I do instead. This has been the single biggest factor in my success. Any guy who learns this will see his sex life improve dramatically. If not you can keep my books for free.
* The foolproof way to find out if a woman really likes you. No more guess work and feeling of embarrassment when you get rejected. You will escalate with confidence every time after learning this.

* Book 3: Fast Sexual Connection

I want you rip my panties off with your teeth, slam me against the wall and then **** me hard!

Ever had a gorgeous woman say this to you?
Well get ready because you are about to. This is no creepy sex guide with drawings of vaginas and lame sex advice.
Getting sexual all starts with the right mindset.
And if you don’t have it, you can forget about closing the deal no matter how many women you talk to or attract.
Let me be really honest with you. If you don’t have my guide on sex you are wasting your time learning about dating women. This guide will push your boundaries but you will be a much better man after reading it.
This is the must read piece of the puzzle…
* The correct way to look at a woman that makes her immediately think “I want to sleep with this guy”
* Supposedly the problem of 1itis was unsolvable. I cracked it in less than a year. All these other so called “experts” can only tell you how to “get over” your 1itis. I’m the only one that shows you how to get her.
* Why I believe you don’t really want to get laid and how to fix the problem. I’m going to turn you into a sex machine (and you are going to feel really good about it)
* Why having sex quickly is actually easier and better for you (and her) in the long run. I show you the exact way I do this.
* Do you want a girlfriend? I tell you why if you are not the sexual guy you will never enjoy female affection.

* Book 4: Relationship Mastery

Getting lots of sex does not mean you are good with women

I know plenty of guys who can get laid but are complete screw-ups when it comes to relationships. Some of these guys are working on their second divorce. One guy is even shelling out $100,000 just to keep one woman from spilling his secrets.
These poor guys should have read my book “Relationship Roulette”…
*Want to keep one woman attracted forever? I show you the right way to go about doing this. They don’t call me 60 years of challenge for nothing. I am the ultimate challenge when it comes to women. I’m giving away all of my best tips.
* So you want to date multiple women huh? Well good luck if you don’t know these two things. Forget about reading long boring books about relationship management. These two things are all you need.
* What you need to understand about a woman’s agenda if you really want to be a pro at relationship game. Please promise me you will learn this. If you don’t (and I don’t want to be mean here) , you don’t stand a chance.
* Why purity is a woman’s trump card and the only way to flip the script back on her. This is the key to dating multiple women guys…even some of the best players in the world are no match for purity. (just ask Tiger Woods)
* Why it’s not really about keeping her attracted, it’s about keeping yourself attracted. This is the ultimate frame and I show you how I finally got there.
Plus More
Amazing Bonuses!

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