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Rudy Hunter – Expanding Your Contractions


Rudy Hunter – Expanding Your Contractions

Expanding Your Contractions
With Rudy Hunter

Naturally Gain ​More Energetic Flexibility To Open The Parts Of Your Body, Mind,
Emotions & Life To Greater Being And Aliveness…Always Gently!
Consider the following idea:  What if there were not such a great set of contraction in the
areas of your life listed below…how might you begin to blossom & flourish?

A Lessening Of The Level Of Contractions In Your…

​Emotional memory about old hurts and wounds.​Chest and thorax so breathing, sensing and feeling were easier.

​Abdomen so digestion & elimination felt smoother and more natural.

​Urinary & reproductive tubes so elimination and procreation was unencumbered.

Feet…so the feeling of your feet supporting you during walking felt
substantially more secure and alive.

Joints…so there was more motion which helped strain & torsion patterns
resolve more simply.

Neck…so that conditioned tightening to stressful situations began to
not fire as often…and eventually, only rarely.

Eyes…so your vision could move to a more natural resting point
of balance, synchrony & harmony.

Lower Back…so support for yourself & your dreams was naturally easier…and your
financial health improved too as your back mended up and strengthened.

Emotional Patterning…so when you got re-triggered there was a real opportunity to
choose a better, higher, kinder & more mutual pathway.

In Your Family…so instead of control and manipulation there sprung forth the higher order
of trust, truth, support, balance and nurturing.

See the starting place of new beginnings in this work of gently releasing
your long-standing contractions?

It’s A Very Big Deal!!!

Here are your 5 delicious energetic rounds:

1–Your Contracted Breath Expanded
2–Your Tightest Contraction

3–Opening To People & Family

4–Body UnBelting

5–The Expanse – A Broad Focus On Your Personal Pattern Of Contractions

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