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Rudy Hunter – Brain Fog Scrubber


Rudy Hunter – Brain Fog Scrubber

It’s a powerful energetic scrubbing of the 28+ reflex points which
​can help clear the Brain Fog which torments & veils you.
Non-medical & highly-mystical.
An energetic tool layered to help part the clouds
in your head, mind & consciousness.

​You’re gonna LOVE it and use it OFTEN!!!

This is much more than just an issue of not being able to find
where you left your keys, or your glasses!

Do you suffer from the real difficult challenges of Brain Fog brought on
​by immune trouble, cancer, lyme disease, medications, injury,
blood sugar spikes, trauma or inflammation?

Feel the veil of Fog descending and infiltrating through your
brain, mind & consciousness?

The Brain Fog Scrubber energetically focuses on special reflex points in
the head, neck & shoulders [and in the pelvis, perineum & bio-field too!]
which help clear the Fog away.

This special tool is one you’ll use a lot.
It’s short [24:46 minutes], focused & very effective.

Rudy has been offering this work in private sessions for clients who suffer
for many years…now you can have a press-and-play tool on your phone
or computer to just Scrub That Fog!  Think of it as Auto-Clarity.

BUT…don’t take Rudy’s word for it!
Judge for yourself. 

You’ll love it…and you can purchase your personal copy right this moment

Remember your CLARITY from years ago?
It can be yours once more, with repeated listenings to
​this embedded energetic tool.

Our focus for our time together during this 20 minute call is SIMPLE: 
Energetically SCRUB the 28+ important direct & reflexive internal energy points which block flow, focus & clarity from all causes & origins. 
Clean the windows & let the view naturally flow in. 

[Would you believe that some of the most important reflex points to scrub are in your pelvis, perineum, sacrum…and a few are not even inside the body–they are in the Bio-Field – the Aura for those of us old-schoolers!  Wow, right?]

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