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Product University – Unique Amazon Strategy


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Product University – Unique Amazon Strategy

Product University – Unique Amazon Strategy

Diversifying from Amazon, or starting out totally new is daunting…

There is SO much information you don’t know where to start or who to trust. Time is short, there’s simply never enough of it. You’re desperately trying to pick up skills and strategy and confidence and cash flow and a product or service to sell and it just all starts to spin at bit!

That’s where I can help you get a grip on a clear plan to get from uncertainty and overwhelm to a clear strategy that suits you! Together we’ll map out the landscape of e-commerce. As your guide I’ll help you work out a path through all the business models, platforms, channels and tools that work for you.

I’m not selling you courses or software so you can trust that my only interest is in seeing you get the skills and confidence to get started and implementing a smart, passive income and scalable business plan. I measure my success on the results of your new business! Some of those results can be measured in sales, but we also take into account how well automated, scalable and unique your business is.

Product University is the education and support you’ve been looking for to get started and selling. It is a community for people like you who want sensible advice from someone who’s done it before. The technical skills change over time but there are fundamental business skills, processes and mindset that need to be in place in every single successful business. Together we will build these skills.

Here’s What to Expect:

By Joining Product University you’ll have your hands on the latest and most effective ways to start, launch and scale your online products business. You’ll learn all the core skills, develop the right mindset and pick up the tactics and tips that are working now. This is your one stop shop to stay up with the play in the world of selling products online!

The video training modules follow a logical sequence and are very practical and ready to apply in your own business. My teaching style is easy to follow and caters to newbies and experienced sellers alike.

Simply watch the videos at a time convenient for you and start mastering these skills you NEED to be successful with an online products business.

These transferable skills and strategies make Product University unique…

The primary focus of Product University is to ensure you have the skills to do smart research, savvy business planning and smooth execution as you build your online business. We work on the ‘how’ as well as the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ of your business. I’ll even do a LIVE “over the shoulder” demonstration of how I source, brand and launch my products!

Week by week we’ll go through the process together and I’ll share the thinking behind the actions. You’ll see exactly what I do myself, brief others and how I make decisions. This insider experience is totally unique and will be such a great way to learn the art of product selection!

A secondary benefit is the community you become part of. A network of like-minded, curious business owners who are committed to succeeding with your online businesses.

Video Training Modules

In Module One we’ll cover goal setting, planning for success and getting helpful habits and mindset so you’re working productively and on the right stuff!

In Module Two the focus is on the all-important Product Selection Strategy and we’ll start the LIVE product launch I’ll do with you watching over my shoulder.

Module Three is all about Sales Funnels– leading to Amazon for most of you but we’ll look at a few other options too so you are aware of all the pros and cons and can choose the best option(s) for you.

Module Four is all about your Virtual Dream Team– giving you sanity, clarity and your freedom. As well as being able to ditch the tasks you hate and recruit a world class team of operators helping you to build your business

Module Five we learn how to SELL ON AMAZON!  The whole set up, listing and launch as I do in my own 6 and 7-figure Amazon businesses

Module Six is a customer centric few weeks – understanding the psychology, behaviors and avatars you need to have to be able to sell easily to your ideal customers. This is fun stuff that most people get wrong. They focus on products not the customers – we’ll leave them in our dust!

Module Seven is where I share the systems, tools and processes to scale. This means your sales can climb without a hitch, you stay sane and when it’s time to sell your business everything looks ship-shape and easy to take over. Stuff in your head is pretty hard to sell! We look at automation and the all important TEAM!

Module Eight  is where we get serious and look at how the 7-figure sellers do it and how to up-level your own business and skills.

Module Nine is a focus on reports, finances and taking a look at the most common mistakes made so you can avoid them and save time, money and embarrassment.

Module Ten is all about partnerships to grow, reach new channels and save your cash flow pinches by working in smart ways with other people.

In Module Eleven we look at exits and next level moves to take your business to new platforms and channels. If a Sales funnel is right for your business, we’ll be showing you the best ways to set those up, along with paid advertising, social media and working with bloggers and influencers. This module is super exciting, changes all the time and is where you can really experience rapid growth. But you need the basics in place first so your business doesn’t implode.

In Module Twelve we look at your progress and work on your plans for the next year ahead. We look at the team around you, skills required and link back to lifestyle and personal choices, including working to leverage your own talents and strengths.

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