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Nathan Blaszak – Secret Hypnotic Seduction Technique


Nathan Blaszak – Secret Hypnotic Seduction Technique

Table of Contents/ List of Topics Covered:

– How to build a confident aura of hypnotic attractiveness without uttering a single word
– Actual examples of how women think
– Steps to follow to get the women hot to be with you
– How you can get women to imagine the most intrusive and blatant things you normally couldn’t talk about with her
– How to save time in the seduction process
– Hypnotic Seduction: What works and what doesn’t
– How to turn your stories into hypnotic motivational actions
– What are the secrets behind the men who have women crawling all over them
– What to do to begin using hypnotic seduction to get laid
– How to ratchet up anything you say, using multi-step hypnotic strategies
– Why you can be too smart for your own good
– What to do when you work your tail end off on a seduction attempt and it bombs
– What you need to know about using hypnotic seduction
– How to disarm women that reject your hypnotic attempts
– 355 words that get women to drop everything to be with you
– How to talk hypnotically
– How to physically hypnotize a woman with your touch

What You Get:

3 audio CDs
A bonus “The Weak Mind Reshaped Into Superior Confidence” CD
A bonus “The Irresistibly Attractive To Women Subliminal Recording” CD
A bonus “Subliminal Behaviors That Drive Women Crazy” CD

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