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Michael David Golzmane – Essential Clearing to get unstuck — Liberate your ancestors going back 35 generations


Essential Clearing to get unstuck — Liberate your ancestors going back 35 generations, and free your life from inherited limitations, family curses, and blocks to success

There is a 2 week period every year, typically between the full moon in September and the new moon in October, that is considered the ultimate critical period for doing ancestral karma clearing work.

It is called Mahalaya, and it is said that even the yogis wait for this period to do this deep ancestral work each year.

You see, you not only inherit your physical genetics from your ancestors, but there is a type of soul genetics that you also inherit.

You inherit your ancestors’ limitations, and their energy often continues to restrict you even if you try to change your life for the better.

That is why it is so critical to do sacred clearing work sincerely and regularly, during auspicious times, to help liberate the souls of your ancestors.

This is about helping their soul journey, but it’s also about freeing you and your children from karma.  It is said that when you do this work sincerely and regularly, every area of your life can change for the better: health, finance, career, and relationships.

There are 2 types of karma that are important to clear during this time: the karma that blocks the liberation of your ancestors, and the karma that blocks you from receiving their blessings.

During this clearing, Spirit has guided me to work with 35 generations of your ancestors.  We are going to call them in, do clearing work with them and with you, then work to identify and clear all sorts of limitation karma, family curses, and blocks to success.

If you are feeling stuck, start with this clearing.

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