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Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback – Amazing Selling Machine 11


Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback – Amazing Selling Machine 11

The Amazing Selling Machine 11 version was an updated version of ASM X released on April 17, 2019. This training will be open for people to sign up and get free access to FREE software and tool to find hot selling products on Amazon on Oct 8, 2019.

Amazing selling machine 11 is a course created by Matt and Jason and presented by two instructors, Rich Henderson and Mike Mc Clary. A  stress-free and fastest way to build a successful and profitable business from scratch by leveraging existing resources. It will show you how to create your brand through Amazon to quickly generate sales and profits with little investment.

The 5 Components of Amazing Selling Machine

  • 8-Weeks Online Web Class
  • ASM Mentor Program
  • Lifetime Access to ASM Community
  • Private resources vault
  • Automation Tools Suite

These components were designed to help you build your life-changing business faster than what you can imagine. The team to ensure you and your business are successful with ASM. Each one of these components is crucial to the process of building your Amazon FBA business.

The training is 100% online, and you can get access to it from any web browser, anywhere in the world.

Whether you’re starting your training at night, in the morning, on the weekends, or during your lunch break, you can do it with the proven online web class.

They’ve developed a “Momentum Learning Method” that helps you get results incredibly fast. Each lesson is hyper-focused with the exact information you need to get to the next step in your Amazon business.

The 8-week web class has taught many people around the world, most with little to NO prior business experience and how to build a THRIVING business.

Module 1: Building Your Product Opportunity List

What you will learn:

  • How to build your products opportunity.
  • Get started with Amazon marketplace,
  • Seller central overview and the requirement.
  • Setting up Amazon seller central account & guidelines,
  • How to build a brand and not t just a Product.

Also, in this module, you will get access to the 7 Elements of a Hot Product Opportunity, the simple steps to Product Selection System and adding your competing Products to your opportunity List and more.

Module 2: Suppliers, Samples and Professional Online Presence.

The overview of the second module

It is a crucial aspect of Amazon business, and most Amazon seller got it wrong which affects their profit margin. But, with ASM, you don’t need to worry.

  • How to discover your profit merging
  • How to understand Amazon’s Fees,
  • Creating a Professional Online Presence,
  • An easy way of finding and contacting Suppliers with their Proven Templates.
  • The simple steps to calculating the cost of any Product
  • How to get samples for your product opportunity and more.

Module 2 gives details about how to make your product listing stand out from from the Amazon listings and how to avoid pitfall to find great suppliers for your product.

Module 3: Ordering Inventory and Creating Your Brand

This is where you will learn more about ordering your inventory and how to create your brand.

  • Choosing the best supplier and getting the highest profit Margin.
  • How to order your first Inventory
  • The steps to ASM brand name creation Process
  • How to purchase your UPC (Universal Product Code)
  • Product Listing, designing and packaging

Not only that, in this module, they will show you the easiest way to create your Powerful brand logo,  There are more things to learn such as guide to automatic List Building, the real Power of Package Inserts, how to determine whether to ship by Air or by Sea, simple way to placing your first Inventory order and more.

Module 4: Create Your Brand Assets

This module will show you the easiest way to build your brand assets and ensuring launch success. Also, you will learn how to set up social medial for your eCommerce business.

  • Setting up a Facebook Page for your business
  • Building a YouTube channel for your brand
  • Creating a Pinterest board for your brand.
  • Setting up your first lead Page
  • Building your customer list:
  • Setting up an auto-responder account

This module is full of in-depth information on how to build brand assets and take your business to the next level.

Module 5: The Perfect Product Page

This module talks about product listing and walks you through the step by step of creating high converting product listing.

Here is what you will learn:

  • Creating an appealing and irresistible Amazon product page with the Perfect Product Page system.
  • Strategic keyword research
  • Creating a traffic-grabbing product title
  • How to close the sale with an exciting product description and high-quality product images
  • How to tactically prize your product to maximize sales and profits
  • How to get automatic Amazon product reviews using an email autoresponder series

Not only that, they will show you the secrets to product pricing to maximise your sales.

The amazing part of this module is how easy to accomplish keyword research to enable you to sort all keywords that easily rank on the search engine as well as a title that crab the attention of the customers.

Module 6: The Perfect Product Launch

Now, it is time to LAUNCH your first product to the top of Amazon with proven LAUNCH AND RANK system that works.

This module deals with proven steps to successfully list your products on Amazon marketplace.

  • How to prepare your first FBA shipment
  • Strategies on how to use Amazon coupons and giveaways,

Not only that, you will get access to their simple strategies to get targeted traffic and conversion using Amazon and some other powerful traffic platforms to boost your product up in the Amazon rankings.

Another helpful part of this module is the pre-launch checklist provided which can greatly help you to launch successful products.

Module 7: Access To Advanced Traffic and Marketing Tools

They walk you through the steps to take your business into the NEXT LEVEL with the advanced marketing strategies and tools.

In this module, they walk you through the daily maintenance needed to run a profitable and successful Amazon FBA business through content and email marketing.

Here is what they cover:

  • The secrets to getting more customers and turn them into raving fans,
  • How to measure and scale your Amazon business profits.
  • Using Amazon Lighting deal
  • Tips to get more results from Amazon Ads

Module 8: Scale Your Business to the Next Level

Lastly, in Module 8, you learn how to SCALE your business into the next level.

How to leverage your brand and customers you acquired to double and even triple your Amazon business multiple times per year by simply adding more HOT products to your brand.

With this system, you can EASILY increase the success of your business and learn everything in this module.

In this module, you will learn about:

  • Managing your inventory
  • Scaling your Amazon FBA business
  • Launching more products to increase profits
  • Going Global

There are more to learn in these components BUT for the sake of our time. The next component is the mentoring Program.

The Mentor Program

The second component of the ASM11 program is ASM Mentor Program – a group of top Amazon sellers who can guide you to build and grow your business.

.What of if you can get access to other students like you who have sold a million dollars to help you and show you their secrets, knowledge skills that have helped them make millions of dollar selling on Amazon.

Platinum Access to ASM Community

All amazing selling machine 11 students will get Platinum Access to Amazing Alliance community. Building a profitable business can be lonely if you do it all on your own, but with ASM Alliance Platinum Access, you’ll be surrounded by sellers all over the world.

All Amazing Alliance members will get priority access to sign up for ASM live events, including SellerCon, the event for E-commerce business owners.

Private Vault Resources

The fourth component of ASM11 program is access to Private Resource Vault.

This is a golden key to a private list of resources and contacts ASM, and top sellers use to build their businesses. It is impossible to get these resources ANYWHERE outside of this program. They estimated this component alone to be $10,000 value.

The vault helps you to have a HUGE advantage over other sellers that don’t have access to this exclusive asset ASM team have been developing over the past several years.

The Automation Tools Suite

This is the last components where they revealed the list of amazing tools to help you grow your business.

Tool #1:Brand LAUNCHPAD

Getting traffic is one of the most common concerns for many entrepreneurs. And ASM has decided to help you out, not only with step-by-step training that shows you how to get tons of traffic but also with special and unique traffic SOFTWARE.

You will get 6 months of access to this SOFTWARE for free. The software is designed not only to help you launch your brand new product but to also help you get consistent sales once you are up and selling.

Tool #2: Amazon Analytic Tool

The Amazon Analytic Tool is the “secret” tool of many 6, 7, and 8-figure Amazon sellers.

As an ASM 11 member, you’ll get a complete 12-month free access that includes many powerful features such as:

  • Email automation
  • The complete traffic and conversion stats for all of your products
  • Sales and profit tracking for your business
  • Tracking all the keywords and see where you rank among your competition,
  • The secrets to Inventory tracking and alerts that help you take action on keeping your products in stock.

Tool #3: Product and Keyword Research Tool.

This tool helps you to rapidly identify which products out of the 500 million on Amazon match ASM criteria. It helps you optimise your product listings to make sure that they convert and rank as well on Amazon to increase your sales.

Not only that, the keyword research tool will help you to determine which keywords your competition is bidding on, so you can identify low hanging fruit for sales opportunities.

What Is New In Amazing Selling Machine 11?

  • Newly refreshed 8 module web class: With over 120 video lessons
  • Online group Weekly coaching call: The live call is hosted by top Amazon sellers to answer your entire questions.
  • ASM Success Promise: If you follow the course and meet criteria laid out, if not happy with your success, they will reimburse you for ASM & unsold inventory up to $7500
  •  Ultimate Product and Keyword Research Tool: All members will get 90-day free access to THE best product and keyword research tool available to help you grow your business faster.

Amazing Selling Machine Bonus

If my Amazing Selling Machine 11 review cut your attention, and you are ready to join the program, why no get all my ASM11 bonus to help you in your business, and save a lot of money.

Bonus 1: Apple Ipad 64 GB space With WiFi ($750 Value)

Bonus 2: Product Research FeedBack ($500)

One of the challenges many Amazon sellers are facing is how to pick the best product to sell with high profits margin, and it requires a lot of work.

We have partnered with top Amazon sellers to pick the HOTTEST products on the market you can sell right now.

You will get feedback on the list of your selected products, whether those products worth selling on Amazon. Not only that, we will give you more ideas about the types of product that are selling on Amazon with HUGE profits.

Bonus 3: Woocommerce WordPress Website ($1000 Value)

Having an eCommerce website will help your brand to stand out. It’ll make you more trustworthy when approaching suppliers. This will prove that you’re a legitimate business to your customers.

As part of my ASM course bonus, my team is ready to set up and install your website for you. We’ll build a WordPress site with a StudioPress Premium theme of your choice. We will also install and configure NINE  essential plugins to make your site search engine friendly to grow your eCommerce business.

We install WooCommerce to help you sell your products on your site and integrate it with Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).

You only need to pay for your hosting and domain, and we’ll take care of the rest.

If you’re a beginner, you need to start learning how to build a website. It took me more time to learn everything I know about building a WordPress, SEO, WooCommerce, and how to integrate everything.

So, I want to save you time and a lot of money by building this site for you.

Bonus 4: Optimise Your Amazon Listing ($1000 Value)

One way to get the best result from this business is to know how to optimise your Amazon listing.

If you fail in this aspect, the chance to succeed will be very slim.

To avoid all the stress and accelerate your success, we have partnered with a few experts and copywriters to help you optimise your listing, so you can crush your competitors and increase conversion.

Below is what we will cover

  • Product Overview
  • Competitor Research
  • Keyword Rich Title
  • Very Optimized 5 Bullet Points
  • Description in HTML Format
  • 6-7 Focused Keywords
  • Backend Search Terms
  • Keyword Research List for Optimized PPC

If you were to hire a copywriting, to help you optimise your Amazon listing, it would cost you more than $1,000.

So you can find this type of bonus anywhere.

Bonus #5-List of USA supplier’s directories ($45 Value)

I have compiled the list of US directories where you can find best suppliers without facing any risk. This will help you to have more genus suppliers where you can find the quality product or the USA made products to sell on Amazon or on your eCommerce store.

Bonus #6 -Product Image /Logo-Done for You ($250 Value)

I committed to helping you in your business, so I decided to partner with a professional designer to design your first product image or logo for you FREE .it will not just be an ordinary image, a product image/ logo that will attract the attention of buyers and prove the quality of your brands.

I will take care of all the hard work for you and ensure that I provide a professional image that can boost your sale and conversion.

I have helped people with their logo and product image, and they were happy with the quality of the designed.

Bonus #7– Pinterest Traffic eBook-($47 Value)

Do you know that most of the top Amazon sellers are getting more result through social media, mostly Pinterest?

Pinterest is one of the best social media where you can find more customers who are ready to buy your product without spend dime.

I shared my strategies, how I went from Zero to 45 thousand page view every month for FREE.

It will help you to promote your brand on Pinterest and build thousands of followers without the need to spend a cent.

Bonus 8:Amazon Product Ranking Checklist ($97 Value)

One of the problems people face when it comes to selling on Amazon is product ranking. Most people spend a lot of money and time to rank their product.

You will get free access to my product ranking checklist you can use to outrank your competitors. It will show you the easiest way to master Amazon SEO and move your products up the search engine. This is the secrets behind the Amazon product ranking algorithm.

Why spending thousands of dollar on advertising your product while you can rank them on both Amazon and search engines to get all the customers and double even triple your earning?

Bonus 9: Amazon FBA Success Video ($297 Value)

With this video course, you will learn everything you need to know to launch a successful Amazon business to build your brand.

The video cover tips to have success in building your brand. Learn step by step to build a successful WooCommerce Store and integrate it with Amazon.

And since we are offering you a website integrate with Woo Commerce, you don’t need to worry about creating eCommerce store again.

Just follow the tips to integrate your e-commerce website with Amazon and watch your revenue growing.

The video also revealed some common mistakes people fail into and how you can avoid them. Get more advanced tips to grow your Amazon business.

Bonus 10: YouTube Authority ($97 Value)

More than 1.9 billion users are visiting YouTube every month.YouTube is now the second most visited website in the world.

It has become a potent tool for businesses to create awareness for their brand, drive more traffic and reach a broad audience that is interested in their business.

If you aren’t taking this advantage to grow your business, you are missing out.

It covers all you need to know to get started on YouTube: How to promote your brand on YouTube, including the equipment and software you’ll need to produce your videos.

You’ll learn how to determine the types of videos you’re going to produce. Tips to optimise your YouTube channel properly so that your video can engage your audience.

It also revealed the secrets to develop your content strategy and get started producing the videos your audience love and buy your product.

The step by step process to build your audience on YouTube to get more subscribers.

And more.

Bonus 11: Time Management For Entrepreneurs ($97 Value)

All entrepreneurs have to manage all aspect of their business, from sales to marketing to finance.

A lot of entrepreneurs believe that to succeed; they have to put in more hours and work harder because the more they can accomplish the higher their chances to succeed

However, to avoid the worry that is so common among entrepreneurs, you have to learn how to work smarter, not harder.

You will learn how to manage your time better so you can get more done in less time. It is essential to get a better understanding of the significance of time management.

It explained the Pareto Principle and how to apply it to your business and manage your time. You will also discover the Parkinson’s Law of time management and how to apply it into your business.

Learn how to structure your daily tasks and projects using a well-known Eisenhower Matrix principle and more.

Bonus 12: Unlimited Chat/Email Support ($2,000 Value)

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