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Lavinia Plonka – Have a Comfortable Flight: Simple Exercises to Stay Flexible While


Lavinia Plonka – Have a Comfortable Flight: Simple Exercises to Stay Flexible While

No More Achy Joints From Hours of Sitting!
  • Small, easy movements that don’t bother other passengers.
  • Reduces stiffness, improves circulation.
  • Improves breathing and relieves stress of travel.

Welcome to an new idea in air travel – comfort. This 6 lesson program is designed to relax you and use the intelligence of your own body to keep you flexible and pain free, even if you have a long and stressful flight.  The simple, yet sophisticated movement sequences are based on the Feldenkrais Method, a movement education system that directly accesses the nervous system.  The lessons cover: Pelvis and Spine, Neck and Shoulders, Twists and Turns, Hips and Spine, Breathing and Calming the Nervous System.  There are also two short talks that can enhance your learning experience.  These lessons can be done by anyone who is seated.  It has proven invaluable not just for air travelers, but chair bound office workers and people who spend time in wheelchairs.

What People Are Saying:

“This CD saved my trip to London. I listened to it on the long flight across the ocean which made sitting in the sardine can more comfortable and I listened to it once after we got to our hotel. I was so impressed with the lessons. They are simple but … Totsie Marine, owner

“While flying recently, I was listening to the CD. The woman next to me was so uncomfortable, I handed her my ear buds. She was so amazed at how great she felt, she said she was going to order it as soon as she landed! “ Cornelia Sachs, GCFP

“While on a long drive to NYC with my husband, I played the CD each time I got in the passenger seat. It helped my back and stiffness immensely, “ Colleen Lang

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