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Julie Solomon – Pitch It Perfect


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Julie Solomon – Pitch It Perfect

Julie Solomon – Pitch It Perfect

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The only pitch program that teaches influencers & bloggers how to move from side hustle defeat to long-term, big bucks brand collabs—

Pitch It Perfect is up made of …

  • All the templates, resources, and pricing tools I use to hone what a brand should be … and counter back to PR reps with confidence.
  • Easy to follow lessons with video trainings, teaching you the step-by-step processes I’ve taught to bloggers and influencers who make 5-figures a month without some crazy, 100K following, pod group or exhausting loop giveaway.
  • Ongoing support… It’s simple. I’m dedicated to helping you grow. Throughout the program—and then forever!—post your questions in our private community, and get feedback from 1000+ other influencers and bloggers just like you.

PLUS, you’ll get the exact framework I’ve used to help content creators just like you…

  • Increase followers from 7K to 40K followers in their first year of blogging, and land a brand deal for more than $5K in the process.
  • Increase paid brand deals by $500 eachwhat one blogger used to land.
  • Increase collab payments from free product to $3,000 for 1 YouTube video, 2 Instagram posts, and 4 Instagram products.
  • Increase paid deals in general… even if you’ve had years of blogging and pitching experience with goose-egg results.

What’s Included

The core course materials, including real life examples, templates and worksheets are immediately available in the student portal.

  • Is Mobile And Tablet Friendly
  • Lets You Work At Your Own Pace And Time
  • Lets You Choose The Format Where You Learn Best – Video, Audio, Or Written Transcript
  • Lets You Revisit As Often As You Want, The Materials Are Yours For Life!

PLUS, you also get instant access to …

  • 20+ different worksheets and printables (called Pitch Sheets!)
  • 45+ Pitch Templates for Emails, DMs and more
  • 30+ Successful Pitch Threads from Students
  • Detailed Press Kit Walkthrough + Multiple Examples
  • Customizable Press Kit Template
  • Customizable Contract Template
  • Customizable Invoice Template

Pitch It Perfect Curriculum

Pitch It Perfect consists of 5 Modules that make up your core pitching foundation. Each training is specifically designed to help you craft pitch strategies that connect with skill and convert to lucrative deals.

1. The Purpose of Pitching

  • Connecting Your Values To Your Pitch …why it’s important to get clear on your business values before you pitch a brand, how to create your core business values, and why connecting your values to your pitch is the key to pitch success.  We are also going to cover the 4 questions you must ask yourself before ever sending a pitch so you stay aligned with your values.
  • Let’s Hear From The Brands…what brands look for when collaborating with an influencer. And how you can apply their feedback to your pitch approach.
  • Pitching and Catching Strategy…the difference between pitching and catching Why pitching and catching are equally important to your overall strategy The 4-part strategy checklist you need when it comes to pitching and catching.

2. Pitching Prep

  • Prepping Your Pitches…your 4 prep steps to pitching, why it’s important to take notice of the collaborations happening around you and tips to finding contact and collaboration opportunities. Plus keeping your response expectations realistic.
  • Elevator Pitch…The four step Elevator Pitch formula and Elevator Pitch ideas + The Elevator Pitch Template, the paint-by-number equation to copy/paste into your pitches, Instagram bio, blog sidebar blurb, and beyond.
  • The Ultimate How to Training for Your Press Kit…what to include in a press kit, Customizable Press Kit Template + Tips Examples of Press Kits and Press Kits today – what has changed
  • Plus worksheets including…how to find contacts for collaborations!

3. Pitching Principles

  • Pitches The Captivate and Convert…the difference between a cold pitch and a warm pitch, overcoming the fear of cold pitching, three standard practices to pitching, 5 examples of cold pitches that captivate and covert, 30+ email thread examples from Pitch It Perfect alumni
  • Who To Pitch, When To Pitch and When To Pass…who to pitch and who not to pitch, how to create a pitch “dream list” based on your values and goals, the best time of day and week to pitch, how and when to send follow up pitches, the right way when to pass on collaboration opportunities
  • What To Charge? Getting Clear On Your Rates…why you should never send a brand a rate sheet, your rate calculation ‘big picture’, 5 factors that control how much you can charge and rate sheet calculation price testing

4. Pitching Practices

  • Attention Grabbing Subject Lines…how to get an email response, fast! How to jazz up your email subject lines and boost your response rates, what brands say about email subject lines + my secret tip to getting an email opened, every time! And multiple examples of real life subject lines that got a brand’s attention.
  • Negotiation Strategy…setting the negotiation stage: opportunities that work, 4 steps to change your “i should” mindset, the 4 step negotiation strategy system and negotiation inspiration ideas
  • Other Helpful Pitching Practices…how to use an “assistant” email to break the ice, the skinny on exclusive partnerships, when and how to turn a gifted collab into a paid collab + 6 pitch templates and 12 additional pitch templates that are helpful!
  • Behind the Scenes of 30 Successful Pitches: From how to negotiate, how to ask for their budget, how to offer a rate and presenting the offer!

5. Post-Pitching

  • Contracts: Making Sure You Are Protected…the importance of contracts, when to send a contract, important words and phrases to look for in contracts featuring help from attorney Bobby Klinck and the best way to send and store contracts.
  • Invoices, The Basics…the importance of invoices, when to send an invoice, important items to include in an invoice, tracking your invoices, W-9 Form (Independent Contractors)
  • Next Action Steps—I’m holding your hand as we talk about next steps and how to implement, from your copy to marketing to your target audience and beyond.

But, you may be a fit for Pitch It Perfect if …

  • You’re not obsessed with being an Insta-celeb.

C’mon now. You KNOW beauty samples and YouTube followers don’t pay the tab during a girls night on the town. You’re more social media lover than socialite, and very okay with that.

  • You’re pro-authentic growth, thumbs down bots.

You’re a smart cookie, and with algorithm smarts these days, you know that true engagement with your followers is what’s going to tick those numbers up, up, up—and that doesn’t happen in two sleeps.

  • You’re a hard-worker.

Watching my parents raise me taught me the value of a little elbow grease, and that’s how Pitch It Perfect works, too.

  • You’d rather learn “how to fish” yourself.

You know even if your content is good, that doesn’t translate into followers/hits/growth, and you’re ready to learn how that works.

  • You’re brand new, and fire-cracker ready to roll.

Your goal isn’t to be followed by everyone, but to share a message that maybe just that one person really needs—let’s start out together on the right foot.

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