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John Harricharan – The Power Pause


John Harricharan – The Power Pause

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John Harricharan : Once in a while life leads you to someone that you just instinctively know was sent to you to make a major impact in your life. Someone that seems to know when to say just the right thing at just the right time and provides exactly the insight, wisdom and guidance that you need to assist you in getting over those inevitable hurdles in life that can sometimes seem, at the time, insurmountable.

That once in a while happened to me at a time when my life seemed to be unraveling and making, what appeared at the time, to be a hopeless and painfully uncontrollable downward spiral, when I first met, initially through the pages of an amazing and life changing book, “When You Can Walk On Water Take The Boat,” and later by way of conversation, an incredible, caring, and compassionate human being named John Harricharan.

Very seldom in a single lifetime do you encounter someone as caring, compassionate, and who emanates “You‘re Important” through his spirit more than that of John Harricharan.

I initially sensed through John’s incredibly inspiring and insightful work that he was somehow different than, in an extremely caring way, so many that I had previously encountered in my life, and who professed to be teachers of truth. His powerful yet entertaining message allowed me to place and see myself within the amazing stories that he so eloquently wrote about, and which was my initial introduction to an entirely new set of possibilities far beyond what I had previously been aware, or even fathomed could be possible.

It was these very works that assisted me in beginning to develop a much deeper understanding of how and why things in life really happen as they do, and which taught me how, even when circumstances appear to be hopeless and beyond repair, that we have each been provided the ability to reach inside, somewhere deep within ourselves and find the place of strength and resolve to face and find answers to even the most difficult and seemingly insurmountable situations and circumstances, regardless of what they may appear to be and regardless of how hopeless they may seem at the time.

I recall absorbing like a sponge the wisdom that John conveyed in his incredibly inspiring book “When You Can Walk On Water Take The Boat.” I’ll never forget the first time I read those life changing pages how, after I had made it through the first read, felt a combination of new hope, awe, amazement, assurance, wonder, and intrigue. ( I know, that’s alot of emotion, but that’s what I felt.)

As contrary as my previously established beliefs and perceptions at the time were concerning the unfolding of the events, conditions and circumstances in life, compared to what John’s wisdom portrayed, I somehow knew from deep within that he was right on target. Little did I know prior to reading the first page, how those very words would provide just the answers that I had been seeking and would provide profound insight, ignite new hope, and provide the boost of inspiration that I would need to take me to the next level of enlightenment and self awareness. I had no idea at that time how far those incredible and inspiring chapters would take me over the course of the next few years.

I have since acquired and consistently refer to all of John’s works , and each time I go through them discover new insight and direction that I had somehow previously missed.

John Harricharan’s words of insight, assurance, hope, and wisdom come from a man that has seen and experienced the tremendous highs as well as the painful lows in life. He has personally experienced the trials and tribulations that life can sometimes, and often does bring to those that need to experience the lessons that are contained within them.

Each of John’s incredible works provide profound insight and have come about as a result of his own personal life experiences, both his failures as well as his successes, in the hopes that he might assist others in also finding the answers to the “tough” questions in and about life.

John’s additional works include Morning Has Been All Night Coming, and Journey In The Fields of Forever, each picking up where the last left off. John is also the author of The Power Pause System which teaches a simple yet extremely powerful 3 step 3 minute formula that is every bit as amazing and powerful as the story which describes how it came to be. John is also the author of The Intuition Report which provides a simple seven step formula for tapping into and recognizing the seemingly magical and mystical guidance that is available to us all.

Although I haven’t spoken with John in a few years, his infectious spirit as well as his wisdom still inspires me each time I re-read his amazing work.

If you are looking for simple yet extremely powerful answers to what can sometimes appear to be insurmountable odds, John’s work can and will certainly provide that additional spark of hope, as well as the insight and wisdom that will assist you in finding just the answers you’re looking for.

John’s descriptive and powerful teachings work, regardless of who you are or what your situation may be, and he presents them in a way that anyone can clearly understand and easily implement.

If you’re looking for new hope, insight and no nonsense direction, with proven and powerful results, John Harricharan certainly provides that and a whole lot more through these phenomenal works.

Regardless of where you currently find yourself in life, whether frantically grasping for answers to life’s toughest questions or just ready to move on to the next level of understanding, you’ll find John’s work to be not only enlightening, comforting, and incredibly inspiring, but a fantastic source of help in whichever life area that you desire improvement.

John Harricharan is an incredible teacher, author, world renown speaker, and mentor as well as an exceptional human being who is making a positive and profound difference worldwide.

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