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Henry Kaye – Property Investment Mastery


Henry Kaye – Property Investment Mastery

Henry Kaye – Property Investment Mastery

Archive : Henry Kaye – Property Investment Mastery

The Notorious Henry Kaye is the man most responsibe for the property bubble that swept Australia from 1999-2003.
This man created an empire in the space of about 3 years, then it all came crashing down, government investigations, ACCC, bankruptcy followed.
At the height of his fame, he had over 5000 people attending his seminars every weekend. Each paying over $20,000. He then sold those seminars on DVD for $15,000.
This DVD rip is from those seminars. The meat of the seminar is on these.

Module 6 – Advanced Finance system for property settlements

  1. Perform extreme finance due diligence
    2. Prepare a professional fiance proposal
    3. Alternate finance strategies
    4. Second Mortgage Funding
    5. Property Angels – Debt/Equity Partnerships
    6. Purchase multiple properties with No personal debt risk
    7. Joint ventures with no equity and no debt
    8. Selling option contracts to obtain your equity
    9. Vendor’s finance
    10. Equity based Vendors finance
    11. Non-recourse, no personal risk funding
    12. Mortgage Insurance
    13. Professional Loan package
    14. Long-Term fixed or variable Loan
    15. Interest Only or Principle and Interest Loan
    16. Finance Brokers
    17. The internet and Lending
    18. Line of Credit
    P.S. Some of the strategies presented are ILLEGAL and you should do your own due diligence. Henry Kaye was charged with criminal fraud and faces 10 years imprisonment for doing some of the strategies which is presented here.
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