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Fiona Moore – Healing Family and Relationship Patterns



Fiona Moore – Healing Family and Relationship Patterns

Find Love in the Heart of Difficult Relationships

Live Webinar

Tuesday, December 18th

11 am PT/2pm ET/7pm UK

Families hold the potential to love and accept us for who we are.

When we’re received with unconditional love our true nature (love) is reflected back to us. This grounding in early life builds trust and ease in ourselves and in relationship with others.

But what if our family of origin doesn’t reflect back the love we are at our core?

When family dynamics stem from insecurity and fear ‘rules’ are created to judge, control or manipulate family members.

Children intuitively develop behaviors to adapt to family patterns. These behaviors mimic or resist family dynamics, or both.

Our adapted relationship patterns from childhood often turn into unconscious habits that get in the way of healthy adult relationships.

Some of that ways we re-live old relationship patterns:

  • We make a family visit and the moment we step through the door we it’s as though we regress to a child or teenager.
  • We behave like our own parents/care takers towards our own children and wonder “Why am I doing that?”
  • We gravitate towards friends and partners who remind us of our parents/care takers and react to them with adaptive habits.

In this class we’ll explore how to heal and dissolve unhealthy relationship patterns that play out in your family of origin and adult relationships.


  • How relationship conflict is an attempt to get closer.
  • How to diffuse family drama with love.
  • Why keeping better ‘boundaries’ is counter productive.
  • How to be free of the victim/rescuer/persecutor dance.

This is an online class. Attend from anywhere.

The class is in two parts.

Part One:  Live 90 minute teaching call and Q and A.

Part Two: Live 60 minute integration call to deepen insightful understanding, Q and A and mentoring.

Register to receive:

  • Access to live class and follow up integration session.
  • A Gift Pass to give to a friend or family member.
  • Video and audio recordings of the event.
  • Opportunity to ask questions before and during the class for coaching support/guidance.

If you’re not able to join the class live you’ll receive a recording.

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