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Duncan Leung – Applied Wing Chun


Duncan Leung – Applied Wing Chun, The Kicks

While there is no substitute for hands-on instruction, these videos made in the 90s by SiFu Leung cover the most important concepts and techniques the Applied Wing Chun practitioner needs to build a strong foundation.

Volume 1 is the perfect introduction to Applied Wing Chun. It has all the primary principles, primary hands, includes the Sil Lim Tau, Lop Sau, and both single and double sticking hands. Typically, even talented students would need at least a month of daily training with hands-on instruction to achieve modest proficiency in all of these. It is therefore also an excellent reference even if you are already taking classes.

Volume 2 explores more routines used in Lop Sau and Chi Sau (sticking hands). These are building blocks that not only enable more advanced techniques later on, but are immediately applicable in certain fighting drills, as demonstrated within the video.

Volume 3 takes Volume 2 to the next level, demonstrating the Chum Kiu form and covering techniques that are even more effective, yet require even greater mastery due to level of body coordination involved to maximize efficiency. Even more fighting drills are added, as well as a demonstration of how to train those drills in the Circle.

Volume 4 teaches the Bil Jee form, which is meant to extend one’s abilities into long-bridge theory and practice. Volumes 1-3 focused on developing power through the elbow. With long-bridge, power comes from the shoulders. This directly translates into medium-to-long-range techniques and fighting drills.

Volume 5 moves on to the Wooden Man / Wooden Dummy. “Taking apart” the 108 combinations of the dummy would require far more than the 50+ minutes that this video provides, however, Sifu Duncan reviews some key concepts as he goes over each of the 11 sections of the form. It is a fantastic reference for learning every detailed motion in the form.

Volume 6 introduces the Eight Kicks of Wing Chun ( 詠春八脚 ) and how to train them. Most people consider Wing Chun to be exclusively a close-in fighting style that only emphasizes the hands. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Legs are more powerful than hands and have a greater range. Wing Chun makes use of this simple truth with the Eight Kicks.

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