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Derek Rake – Shogun Method Black Book Volume 4


Derek Rake – Shogun Method Black Book Volume 4



Misdirection gives you the ability to access her subconscious mind instantly


Misdirection is how you “distract” a woman’s conscious mind so that you can open up her subconscious mind for manipulation. Learn the TWO simple step to take so that you can misdirect her conscious mind while you covertly embed your Commands into her subconscious mind. Sneaky but effective!

  • Tap into the weakness that every woman has and remove her inhibitions towards you
  • Increase the effectiveness of your Shogun Method routines and Shogun Sequences by distracting her conscious mind and lowering her “Bitch Shield”
  • Misdirect her in two simple steps (do this before you deliver any Shogun Sequence and get tremendous results fast)
  • Pair up Implanted Commands with Misdirection statements for maximum effect
  • …and more!

“Immunize” your woman from another man’s seduction with the Inoculation tactic


Inoculation techniques will “bulletproof” your woman from getting seduced by other men. Let’s face it: if she’s hot, there will be guys out there who are waiting to pounce on her. With Inoculation, you’ll put her in COLD MODE whenever she’s not with you – so that she resists the charms of other guys who try to hit on her.

  • Learn what “Hypergamy” is and why it’s the number one challenge that you must tackle in any long-term relationship
  • Keep a woman faithful before you enslave her for good by “immunizing” her from getting seduced by other men
  • Put your woman in “Cold Mode” whenever she’s not with you (especially when she is in the company of other men who want to hit on her)
  • If she is working, make her resist her co-worker’s advances automatically
  • Get ready-to-use Inoculation scripts which you can deploy quickly today
  • Three example scenarios and corresponding routines to use: “Analytical Overload”, “The Slut Sequence” and a text variation (used if you can’t see her face-to-face)
  • …and more!

With the “Open Loop” you can capture and hold her attention for as long as you want


The Open Loop is a classic storytelling device which you can use to capture a woman’s attention and make sure that she is captivated by you throughout the conversation. You’ll remember that as long as a woman pays attention to you, it’s just a matter of time before she falls in love with you. Using the Open Loop technique is how you do it!

  • How to keep your woman hanging on your every word – so that you can keep piling your Shogun Sequences and Shogun Method routines until she surrenders to you
  • A simple addition to the Rollercoastering technique (that you have already learned in the core Shogun Method program) that makes your storytelling tremendously effective
  • Four brand new Open Loop scripts you can use immediately: “My Psychotic Ex”, “Old School Mate”, “Your Eye Color” and “Crazy Incident Anniversary”
  • How to follow up on an Open Loop – using covert hypnosis!
  • What to watch out for when closing an Open Loop – so that the hypnotic Rapport building process is uninterrupted
  • …and more!

If she ever turns cold, you can turn her “hot” again using the Reverse Friend Zone


The “Reverse Friend Zone” is exactly what it says on the can: with this technique, you’ll put a woman in the Friend Zone! Women cannot handle rejection – and this is the reason why the “RFZ” (as it’s affectionately known) is so darn effective. If a woman goes cold on you, use the RFZ on her and she’ll jump back to life, guaranteed.

  • Why and how the “RFZ” technique can turn a woman who is merely interested in you into a downright stalker, completely obsessed with you
  • Turn the tables on her and make her desperately try to win you over
  • How to combine the RFZ technique with standard Fractionation for a “one-two punch” effect
  • Deadly pitfalls to watch out for (warning: using RFZ is like playing with fire – you WILL get burned if not careful)
  • The “CDE Blueprint” to follow to put her in the Friend Zone successfully
  • The ideal IRAE stage at which the RFZ is most appropriate (deploy it at the wrong time and it WILL backfire on you)
  • The best verbatim to use to put her in the Friend Zone (hint: use DISQUALIFICATION)
  • How to use “ECHOING” statements to enhance the “Friend Zone Effect” greatly (tremendously important to know!)
  • The ideal way to “pull her out” from the Friend Zone and finally seal the deal
  • …and more!

Hypnotize her covertly every single day by using the “Three Connectors” in your conversations


The “Three Connectors” explain the inner workings of some of the best known hypnotic language patterns and Shogun Sequences that power up Shogun Method. Pepper these in your everyday conversations and your woman will be more subservient and vulnerable to your charms. This Module also comes with three brand new Shogun Sequences which you can use across all IRAE stages.

  • What the “Three Connectors” are, and where they are present in the best Shogun Sequences that you already know
  • How to use these “Three Connectors” to make everyday conversations powerful and hypnotic (to your benefit)
  • Examples of all “Three Connectors” in action with sample verbatim and scripts
  • The “…And Then You’ll Fall In Love” Shogun Sequence: a barrage of subliminal commands connected by the first Connector
  • The “Time Is Running Out” Shogun Sequence: a scarcity illusion creator powered by the second Connector
  • The “Because You Deserve It” Shogun Sequence: a long-term relationship booster built using the third Connector
  • …and more!

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