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Bill Glazer’s Unbeatable Formula for Creating and Writing a Newsletter that Achieves all its Goals

Create a super-effective newsletter that gets opened and read. Covers how to start from scratch or if you already have a newsletter, you’ll find plenty of tips on how to make it substantially more effective.

The Pros and Cons of a Print Newsletter Versus an E-Newsletter

Bill’s common sense recommendation as to the best strategy to adopt. His advice might surprise you and change your entire strategy moving forward. Plus you’ll get a smart formula for even better success.

Bill’s Winning Newsletter Content Strategy

Avoid the biggest mistake people make when it comes to newsletter content — including a common mistake people make regarding the opening article of their newsletter. Learn about the three types of newsletter content and Bill’s formula for coming up with the ideal mix of each.

Five Advanced Newsletter Content Strategies Advanced strategies

that will not only keep your readers reading every month, but will make them read each issue more carefully. Includes real examples so you can see the strategies in action.

Bill’s Entire Newsletter Blueprint Presentation

Bill’s powerful and eye-opening formula for developing a newsletter that creates a solid bond of trust with prospects and clients alike. The Newsletter Blueprint consists of one DVD, one audio CD plus a full transcript with examples for easy study and review. This resource has been newly released as an online training course for 2012.

Newsletters are the most powerful media that you can possibly be using to grow your business,”

— so says marketing specialist Bill Glazer. Bill came to that conclusion after reviewing over 1113 newsletters, reading countless books on the subject and writing or publishing over a dozen newsletters over the span of his career. Introducing…

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