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Chrtsta Rypins – Yummy Yoga


Chrtsta Rypins – Yummy Yoga

Christa Rypins and her students lead you through simple, fun movements that gently relax the hips, lower back, shoulders, upper back and neck. Yummy Yoga consists of two 20-minute segments–one for the lower body and the other for the upper body. Christa’s innovative approach to easing tightness and pain combines yoga and somatics (a system of neuromuscular re-education) to help relieve lower back pain, tight shoulders, stiff neck, sciatic pain and many other discomforts. Complete and easy-to-follow for beginners, Yummy Yoga is a valuable addition to the routines of experienced yoga students and athletes alike. With Yummy Yoga, you too can experience the joy of free and painless movement.


Everyone can benefit from Rypins’ unique workout. The seemingly simple movements provide relief to choronically tight and sore muscles. — American Fitness, May/June 2001

Rypins is an excellent instructor. Somatic exercise serves as an excellent adjunct to a yoga practice. — Yoga Journal, June 2001

About the Actor


Christa Rypins has devoted her lifetime to physical activity and movement. Throughout a 15-year career as a professional ice skater, juggler, and rhythmic gymnast, she has had personal experience, as well as extensive training, in fitness, injury prevention, rehabilitation and recovery. In 1998, thyroid cancer ended Christa’s professional skating career. She continues her love of movement and body awareness by teaching a combination of yoga, somatic movement, Pilates, and Zen awareness. She brings an extraordinary breadth of understanding and information to the subjects of health and healing. Christa has produced nationally recognized videos including Yoga for Meditators, Yoga for a Better Back (with sports medicine Chiropractor John Sousa), and Yummy Yoga: Gentle Stress Relief for the Hips, Back and Neck. She directs yoga programs at the Zen Monastery Peace Center and the Mountain View Zen Center in California, is a top-rated program director at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Massachusetts, travels throughout the world leading workshops and retreats, and is the creator of her own line of yoga clothing.

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