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Alan Weiss – Million Dollar Consulting College


Alan Weiss – Million Dollar Consulting College

Alan Weiss – Million Dollar Consulting College

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I’ve been asked to create this extended workshop for years but always resisted. The closest I’ve come were the Rainmaking Seminars that lasted for a day and a half and were presented three times a year.

But it’s time, because I want to codify all that I know about establishing, operating, and growing a consulting practice in one place. I’ve written scores of books, hundreds of articles and columns, and been interviewed regularly about my pioneering approaches to establishing buyer relationships, setting fees, creating irresistible proposals, and all the other elements that have made my own practice so effective.

However, even my more comprehensive books, such as Million Dollar Consulting® and The Ultimate Consultant , can’t create the gestalt that an interactive session can provide. And an interactive session alone is far too limited to accomplish what I seek. A lot of people may be able to help you build business, but my intent is to help build practices and firms which create wealth. Thus, I’ve created The Million Dollar Consulting® College. I know it’s a somewhat aggrandizing name! But here’s what it entails, far beyond any course, program, “boot camp,” or other developmental experience.

Components of the College

A week of intensive interaction with me and a very small group of colleagues. There will be over 35 hours of work, interaction, discussion, (and fun). We’ll enjoy some social activities together, some meals, and a great deal of pragmatic work on your individual concerns. There is an agenda of the week below . There is one-on-one coaching, as well.

The Million Dollar Consulting® College Manual of over 200 pages, containing every form, template, and job aid discussed in the program, from phone scripts to expense reports, from press kit contents to invoices.

Twenty CDs–20 hours of information–which cover every aspect of consulting, from coaching to networking, and from fee setting to product sales.

The complete Ultimate Consultant Series, seven books, nearly 2,000 pages, on topics ranging from branding to life balance, plus Breaking Through Writers Block .

Individualized pre-session work to maximize your value. The preparatory work includes focus on value proposition, pricing strategy, referral sources, time allocation, etc.

I have never before created an experience like this, combining intensive workshop instruction and practice, with comprehensive support materials in both print and audio formats, supported by six months of real-time consulting access. There is simply no other opportunity or growth experience like this available in the entire profession. I wasn’t even ready to attempt it until this point in my own career, after eight years of mentoring consultants in all aspects of the profession all over the world.

Heres Whats In It For You 
Here are just some of the areas and attributes that will improve as a result of this experience:

Create your most dramatic value propositions

Develop a powerful and memorable brand

Create phone “scripts” for cold calling situations

Create a powerful physical and electronic press kit

Find and identify the true economic buyer faster

Create a trusting, peer-level relationship with that buyer

Use language effectively to gain buyer commitment

Create “bullet proof” proposals

Implement projects with a minimum of labor intensity

Expand business constantly and gain referrals continually

Choose the best legal options for your business

Protect your intellectual property in the most comprehensive manner

Choose the best financial alternatives for your practice

Identify the best Internet marketing strategies and support

Maximize time efficiency

Select passive income options, from products to royalties

Learn how to gain an interview from a press inquiry every time

Acquire forms and templates to maximize your efficiency

Improve your life balance, discretionary time, and personal options

We’re going to have realistic exercises and simulations throughout. For example, we will take a press inquiry source, create a response template, and formulate a response in real time. We will use a mock office set up to practice meeting with a buyer. We’ll use a telephone scenario to practice calling the buyer. You get the idea. I’m not a “talking head” and you’re not a potted plant! We’ll replicate what you’re really facing, from walking in the door to answering the phone.

In addition, we will have special session experts on incorporation and protection of legal property; tax reporting, investment, and retirement planning; Internet marketing, search engines, and online sales; and business etiquette, dress, and style.

Where else can you obtain such a comprehensive development experience in the consulting profession? I think you can see why I call it a “College.” So, as a result of your participation, Im providing a certificate of graduation and a press release that you have completed this program. (In some cases, this program can serve to fulfill in-service educational requirements for professional associations.)

And Here Are the Books and CDs Youll Receive 
The books and CDs below are worth $1,365 and will be shipped at the time of your registration, so that you can begin studying prior to the session, and these reference works will be available upon your return to support and reinforce the learning.

CDs (each one hour)

Advanced Consulting




Cold Calls

Conflict ResolutionValue Based Fees

Expanding Business

Language of the Sale


Power Writing

Product Creation

Proposal Writing

Publishing Commercially

Time Management (2)

Time Mastery

Value-Based Fees

Why Women Should Listen to Men

Books: The Ultimate Consultant Series

Getting Started In Consulting

Million Dollar Consulting Toolkit

Organizational Consulting

Value Based Fees

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