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Adam Eason – Brain In Your Underwear New Verslon


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Adam Eason – Brain In Your Underwear New Verslon

Salepage: Adam Eason – Brain In Your Underwear New Verslon

“Men – Now You CAN Feel Relaxed and Free From Anxiety As You Approach The Bedroom…”

Sexual enhancement is all in the MIND!

Adam Eason – Brain In Your Underwear New Verslon

This audio programme is designed for men. Of any sexual persuasion. It is aimed at the most powerful and biggest sexual organ that you own – your brain.

I know many people that talk about their sexual organs like they really do have a mind of their own, but that is not what we are talking about here.

Within this audio programme, you are going to learn how to overcome and reduce performance related anxiety, let go of any old programming and actually benefit from past experiences instead of allowing the past to dictate how you are today. Yes, you’ll learn how to overcome any negative effects of experiences that may hinder your ability or obstruct your success in the bedroom.

Additionally, you are going to systematically desensitise old anxiety responses, using one of the most empirically researched psychotherapeutic strategies of all time, one of the most effective methods that is supported by a huge amount of evidence, that is going to help ensure that you feel relaxed and at ease with sexual interactions.

You are also going to learn how to alter your perception of time during sexual scenarios in order that you can speed stuff up and slow it down and of course we are going to make sure that you actually enjoy sex. Yes, we are going to increase your enjoyment of sex, which is without doubt one of the most enjoyable things to do in this life.

There’s more too…

We are going to install some new responses within your brain so that you can deliver hard, powerful erections better than if you had taken a Viagra tablet and without any of those hot-headed, heart pounding side-effects.

Your brain is the control centre for what goes on in the rest of your body and so you are going to be metaphorically setting up your base camp in the epicentre of your brain and delivering the results that you want… Ending performance anxiety, being relaxed in increasingly enjoyable sexual situations, feeling in control of your body and free of old, unwanted inhibition.

I was once speaking at a large conference in Dublin about hypnotic communication in business, a guy came up to me afterwards and said “Yeah.. this hypnosis stuff…. It’s all in the mind isn’t it?”

“Well done, yes it is.” I said to him whilst ending that conversation.

So yes indeed, our sexual enhancement is all in the mind.

Our brains are fantastical things and when these issues are left to spiral out of control inside our heads, especially with a seemingly taboo subject such as sex, then our physiological reactions can spiral out of control too. This audio programme is about putting you back in control.

If earlier experiences have caused you to have some of those negative emotions, like fear, anger, frustration and even embarrassment, then those emotions can make matters worse and seem like an immovable object.

However, your ability to create that unwanted response and do it so well, shows that when you learn to do the opposite, you’ll be just as good at that too. You are incredibly capable, your mind is already working brilliantly at maintaining the unwanted response… So now is the time to use that to create the desired responses and set yourself free. It is so much simpler than you realise and you just follow the simple instructions, practice them diligently and apply yourself to them and the results you want arrive.

Trust that your brain knows what to do. Your body knows what to do. Your sexual organs know just what to do. They just need to clear out all the conflicting messages, all the anxiety and fear and deliver new instructions.

This audio programme includes several hypnosis sessions and cognitive behavioural sessions that are tried and tested applications used by professionals in therapy to ensure that you become the man you want to be when it comes to sex.


Adam Eason – Your Brain in Your Underwear AUDIO  shows you how to:

  • Overcome impotence.
  • Free yourself from premature ejaculation.
  • Let go of sexual fears.
  • Let go of emotional conflicts that may be stopping you from having the sex life you love.
  • Enhance your orgasms.
  • Distort time to make your orgasms last longer and longer!
  • Create more sexual confidence.
  • Be a more powerful, confident lover and enjoy being sexually spontaneous!
  • How to engage in the moment of your sexual experiences to enjoy every single second of joy.

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